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Call for Papers: "The Real and the Fake" at California State University, Sacramento, CA

Proposal deadline: December 15, 2010 California State University, Sacramento, CA Festival of the Arts Seventh Annual Art History Symposium: The Real and the Fake Saturday, April 16, 2011 "The Real and the Fake", the theme of the 2011 symposium, is inspired in part by the concurrent new media exhibition, "The Aesthetics of the Fake", co-curated by Rachel Clarke (CSUS) and Claudia Hart (SAIC), which will be on view in the University Library Gallery from March 31 to May 28, 2011. While the exhibition looks specifically at contemporary artists’ use of virtual 3D computer graphics for avant-garde purposes, the art history symposium seeks a wider range of papers that would position this fundamental dialectic of art in any time, place, and culture and in a variety of artistic media. Among the many topics that would make an exciting day-long conversation on this theme are Renaissance scientific perspective/illusionism; Realism and social truths; alternative and subjective realities of Magic Realism, Surrealism, and abstraction; truths and paradoxes of avant-gardes; the problematics of optical illusion/mimesis; tradition, authenticity and tourist art; commercial animation, advertising, Second Life, and hyperreality. Non-Western, comparative, and transcultural considerations are welcome as are papers on architecture. Keynote speaker to be announced. Please send a 300-word proposal for a 25-minute lecture and a one-paragraph professional biography as an email attachment to Deadline: December 15, 2010

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