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Danube University: Call for Applications First International Master of Media.Art.Histories (Low residency; English language, international faculty) Department for Image Science Danube University Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Str. 30, A-3500 Krems Tel: +43(0)2732 893-2569

The postgraduate program MediaArtHistories at the Department for Image Science offers a two-year low residency course of study leading to an M.A. degree. It conveys the most important developments of contemporary art through a network of renowned international theorists, artists, curators and many others. Artists and programmers give new insights into the latest and most controversial software, interface developments and their interdisciplinary and intercultural praxis. Keywords are: Strategies of Interaction & Interface Design, Social Software, Immersion & Emotion and Artistic Invention. Using online databases and other modern aids, knowledge of computer animation, net art, interactive, telematic and genetic art as well as the most recent reflections on nano art, CAVE installations, augmented reality and wearables are introduced. Historical derivations that go far back into art and media history are tied in intriguing ways to digital art. Important approaches and methods from Image Science, Media Archaeology and the History of Science & Technology will be discussed. MediaArtHistories MA is based on the international praxis and expertise in Curation, Collecting, Preserving, Archiving and Research in the Media Arts. What are the necessary conditions for a wider consideration of media art works and of new media in the collections of the international contemporary art scene? And in which way can new Databases and other scientific tools of structuring and visualizing data provide new contexts and help to develop the field? Further Information: Media Art Histories is on Facebook

FACULTY Prof. ERKKI HUHTAMO, UCLA/Professor of Media History and Theory Department Design, Media Arts, FIN Prof. Dr. LEV MANOVICH, University of California, San Diego, USA Dr. CHRISTIANE PAUL, Whitney Museum, New York / Curator for New Media, USA JENS HAUSER, MA, Paris, FRA Dr. GERFRIED STOCKER, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz Prof. Dr. CHRISTA SOMMERER & LAURENT MIGNONNEAU, Art University Linz, AT Prof. Dr. PAUL SERMON, University of Salford, Manchester, UK Prof. Dr. SEAN CUBITT, University of Melbourne – Media and Communications, AUS Prof. Dr. OLIVER GRAU, Donau-Universität Krems / Head Department for Image Science, GER/AT Prof. Dr. EDWARD SHANKEN, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA Prof. CHRISTIAN HÜBLER, KNOWBOTIC RESEARCH, Hochschule f. Gestaltung u. Kunst Zürich HGKZ, CH Prof. Dr. FRIEDER NAKE, University Bremen, Prof. for Computergraphics and interactive systems, GER Prof. MACHIKO KUSAHARA, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, JAP Prof. MONIKA FLEISCHMANN, Fraunhofer Institute, Bremen, GER MARGIT ROSEN, MA, ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, GER Prof. Dr. MIKLOS PÉTÉRNAK, Intermedia/Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, HUN Prof. IRINA ARISTARKHOVA, Penn State University, USA / University of Warwick (UK) / National University of Singapore Dr. MARTINA LEEKER, University Bayreuth, GER Prof. Dr. GUNALAN NADARAJAN, MICA, USA DANUBE UNIVERSITY – located in the UNESCO world heritage Wachau is the first public university in Europe which specializes in advanced continuing education offering low-residency degree programs for working professionals and lifelong learners. Students come twice a year for 2 week blocks to Monastery Göttweig in Austria. APPLICATIONS for the next course start will be accepted until November 1, 2010 (rolling admissions). Module dates: November 22 – December 5, 2010 May 1 - May 13, 2011 November 21 – December 1, 2011 May 1 – May 11, 2012 The Center in Monastery Göttweig, where most MediaArtHistories courses take place, is housed in a 14th century building, remodeled to fit the needs of modern research in singular surroundings. International experts analyze the image worlds of art, science, politics and economy and elucidate how they originated, became established and how they have stood the test of time. The innovative approach at the Department for Image Science is reinforced by praxis-oriented study. Contact: Andrea Haberson Department for Image Science Danube University Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Str. 30, A-3500 Krems Tel: +43(0)2732 893-2569

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