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The Archive of Digital Art expands its field and includes scholars in its documentation. Scholars are invited to become members of the online community and set up their own ADA entry!

Scholars have the possibility to upload publications and text pdfs, announce upcoming events, post comments, document exhibitions, conferences and other relevant events and be represented in the Archive.

The community features also allow the active exchange of professional information with peers and the new “Light box” tool facilitates the examination and comparison of images for research and teaching.

To ensure a high academic standard 5 published articles and/or curated exhibitions are requisite for scholars to become members of the ADA community. Interested scholars may apply for an account here.

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Christopher Salter
Christopher Salter is a media artist, performance director and composer/sound designer based in Montreal, Canada and Berlin, Germany. His artistic and research interests revolve around the development and production of real time,

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Jussi Parikka 18.10.2017
We are screening Dreams Rewired in Winchester tomorrow Thursday:
Vinzenz Hediger 18.10.2017
Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor in Cinema Studies, Stockholm University. Closing date November 15, 2017
Oliver Grau 18.10.2017
New Research Results supported by Austrian Research Foundation. ADA, the collective research platform of the field, welcomes new artist members and scholars, who would like to connect with their profile in the research network.
Randall Packer 17.10.2017
Please join our upcoming Networked Conversations with Second Front members Bibbe Hansen, Doug Jarvis, Patrick Lichty, Liz Solo, and Jeremy Owen Turner, discussing their seminal performance work in Second Life.
José Manuel Ruiz 16.10.2017
REGISTER is a site-specific artistic project that approaches the discontinuity between the organic immediacy of life and the symbolic world. Takes up the process that transforms the perception of “reality” through a series of open source of automatic devices, where the artists –present at all time- are immersed in the task of recollection, classification and fiction. The step from “reality” to the symbolic world is taken from the automatic machine register – previously programed with a complex algorithm system -, from register’s tasks and the storyteller’s sonorous executed narrations. The intervened and manipulated devices, are shown gutted in front of the viewer. REGISTER in this way, transforms the gallery in a production laboratory that employs the curious by passer as a random, but fundamental piece for the development of the project. -------- REGISTER es un proyecto artístico site-specific que aborda la discontinuidad entre la inmediatez orgánica de la vida y el mundo simbólico. Se ocupa del proceso que transforma la percepción de “la realidad” a través de una serie de dispositivos automáticos open source, donde los artistas –presentes en todo momento– están inmersos en una labor de recolección, clasificación y ficción. El paso de “la realidad” al mundo simbólico se realiza a partir del registro de la máquina automática – previamente programada por un sistema complejo de algoritmos–, de la labor del register y de las narraciones sonoras ejecutadas por el storyteller. Los dispositivos manipulados e intervenidos, aparecen destripados ante el espectador. REGISTER convierte así la galería en un laboratorio de producción que emplea al viandante curioso como muestra azarosa pero fundamental en el desarrollo del proyecto.
Alessandro Ludovico 15.10.2017
Neural [Archive] The Computer in Art Jasia Reichardt Littlehampton Book Services Ltd
Oliver Grau 14.10.2017
This issue includes two invited papers by the leading researchers Nicholas Wade and Denis Pellerin, and four peer-reviewed regular papers by Carmen Pérez González, Hans-Joachim Maempel and Michael Horn, Hali Santamas and Ronit Ghosh.
Ellen Pearlman 14.10.2017
Honored to be Co-chair and a Keynote speaker at Rixc Open Fields conference in Riga, Lativa October 19-21-
Fátima Chinita 13.10.2017
It would be our pleasure to welcome you at this conference:
Marc Garrett 13.10.2017
Graham Burnett from Spiralseed interviews Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett from Furtherfield. "The latest episode of our series of Design 4 ACTION Permaculture Stories features Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett in discussion with Graham Burnett about Furtherfield, UK's leading organisation for art shows, labs, & debates around critical questions in art and technology, since 1996."
Oo Cornelia 12.10.2017
friendly reminder: 3 more weeks to go! submission deadline: 1st of november - don't miss it!
Allegra Solitue 12.10.2017
Liebig12 presents 2performative Duo&Trio acts based on graphic scores by composers Gino Robair, Anthony Braxton and John Cage, as well as improvisations with
Miriam De Rosa 11.10.2017
Allegra Solitue 10.10.2017
AudeRrose is a multi-disciplinary artist and initiator of Scope Sessions - artist talks & media salon in Berlin. Her new collaboration with Patrick K.-H. "Cauchemard" is a text based experimental performance inspired by Antonin Artaud. Join this hallucinatory happening and further featured artists´s A/V miracles!
Mirele Pacheco Fotógrafa 09.10.2017
I SIMPÓSIO INTERNACIONAL DE RELAÇÕES SISTÊMICAS DA ARTE, entre 8 e 10 de abril de 2018, em Porto Alegre. Confira a programação no site e participe!
Monika Fleischmann 08.10.2017
Alessandro Ludovico 07.10.2017
Neural [Archive] art + telecommunication edited by Heidi Grundmann Western Front / BLIX
Marc Garrett 07.10.2017