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Simon Biggs
Born in Adelaide, Australia in 1957, new media artist Simon Biggs emerged as one of a small number of Australian artists during the 1970’s who were experimenting with electronic and digital media. With initial influences from diverse sources, such

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Michaela Seiser 9:05am Nov 17

Venice, September 1, 2015 - Ten years after its founding, the Arte Laguna Prize opens a new entry period featuring 16 international partnerships: among them are some notable companies such as Swatch, Thetis SpA, Riva 1920 and a number of renowned Art Foundations like Berengo and Foundry Battaglia.

Promoting contemporary art and providing artists with professional development opportunities are the founding principles of the competition.
The Prize is continuing to combine its roots in Venice, hosting the final exhibition of 120 works, with a look beyond national borders, by creating networks with Taipei, Barcelona, Shanghai, Beijing, St. Petersburg, Paris and many other cities.

The contest is open to artists worldwide with no thematic guidelines or any other restriction, and its goal is to collect the multiple expressions of contemporary art in the fields of painting, photography, sculpture, video art, performance, digital art, and since last year also land art, a new section designed in collaboration with the Venetian engineering company Thetis SpA. The latter is an innovation that makes the competition totally unique at both national and European level.

The works will be evaluated and selected by a jury of international experts including directors of foundations and museums, independent curators, art critics, and chaired by Igor Zanti, curator of the Prize and director of IED Venice. Jurors will also identify the 6 overall winners who will be awarded a cash prize of 7 thousand euro each.

The jury includes: Miguel Amado, Anna Bernardini, Barbara Boninsegna, Denis Curti, Enrico Fontanari, Suad Garayeva, Vasili Tsereteli, Sabrina Van der Ley, Simone Verde, Bettina von Dziembowski

The finalists exhibition will take place in March 2016 in the prestigious venue of the Arsenale in Venice, hosting the main group show, and at the Telecom Italia Future Centre, accommodating the selection of digital works, the expression of art through new technologies.

The opportunities for artists:

The real strength and distinctive element of the competition are the "Business for Art" prizes in collaboration with the excellence of Made in Italy. This year sees the introduction of Deglupta, a Venetian company that makes leather accessories painted by artists, and the presence for the third year of Riva 1920, a historic furniture company based in Cantù, which reuses Venetian "briccola" wood to create innovative furniture and design items.

Seven residency programs at foundations and art centers: The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, Basu Foundation for the Arts in Calcutta, Espronceda in Barcelona, Taipei Artist Village, Artistic Serigraphy Fallani in Venice, Berengo Foundation in Murano, Artistic Foundry Battaglia in Milan.

Organization of four solo exhibitions including setting-up, transportation fees, publication of a digital catalogue at: Gaia Gallery, Istanbul; Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister, Regensburg; Galeria Fernando Santos, Porto; ART re.FLEX Gallery, St. Petersburg.

Selection of 12 artists to participate in collective events: in Slovenia at the Art Stays Festival, in Beijing with the events organized by Art Nova 100, and in Venice at the International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations - Open.

Entries must be received by November 18, 2015.
More information and the contest terms are available at #artelagunaprize #premioartelaguna

MediaArtHistories Wiki in Spanish now.

Oliver Grau 8:38pm Nov 16
MediaArtHistories Wiki in Spanish now.

Gute Nachrichten 10:04pm Nov 16
me encanta.


Fred Forest 6:13pm Nov 15

Duda Valle 1:19am Nov 15

Call for papers: Visible Evidence No. 23:

Vinzenz Hediger 9:48pm Nov 14
Call for papers: Visible Evidence No. 23:

A new special issue of the Archive journal on Arc...

Jussi Parikka 9:19am Nov 14
A new special issue of the Archive journal on Archives Remixed/Radical Archives:

Devon Schiller 10:05am Nov 14
Exquisite, thank you!

Devon Schiller 10:19am Nov 14
And having gone through the citations as well, a most useful resource. I am currently composing a thesis on the training program for the Facial Action Coding System developed by Paul Ekman, examining this event as an archive of multimodal media documents, and a space of exchange between specialized scientific knowledge and the cultural imaginary. Please, if further sources come to mind, on the archive and the body, or within the histories of physiognomics, do pass them on. Thank you again, Jussi!

Jussi Parikka 10:23am Nov 14
oh that's a great topic - will definitely do and I hope others do the same! I know little about this, except some random references re. 19th century and the face (the usual ) I did in some blog posts but will keep in mind

Devon Schiller 10:29am Nov 14
I greatly appreciate it!


Oliver Grau 8:49pm Nov 13
International Conference
MUMOK - Museum moderner Kunst, Museumsplatz 1, Vienna,
December 4th 2015, 1 – 7 pm

"What kind of museums are necessary for contemporary (digital) art?"

Digital art and technology fundamentally changes our perception and interaction with images. The international conference „Challenges of Digital Art“ addresses the impact of this shift for the expressive potential of contemporary media art. 200 biennales and over 100 well-attended festivals dedicated to media art prove that media artists are addressing our ever-changing world view through a multitude of artworks focusing on themes that include climate change, image and media (r-)evolution, globalization, future of the body, surveillance society, and the virtualization of financial markets. Yet, while these outstanding artists engage the social and cultural questions of our time, media art continues to be insufficiently collected and inadequately documented in memory institutions due to problems in museum structures and media storage.

Today, media artworks are gradually becoming lost because the museum sector is not able to fulfill its public duty to collect, research, and make accessible contemporary media art. The marginalization of media art and its themes in the public-financed museum sector leads to serious democratic issues – this development should be counteracted.

The challenge for the humanities is to document and analyze digital artworks and, moreover, to provide solutions to this essential dilemma in contemporary cultural politics. This pressing agenda was previously addressed in the ‘Liverpool Declaration’, which so far over 500 scientists and museum directors from over 40 countries have signed ( It is these questions that frame the conference. Bringing together internationally renowned scholars, the focus of the talks and discussions will be the strengthening of education and training of future curators and archivists in the cultural and arts sector as well as the formation of a sustainable research infrastructure. Towards these goals, the researches in the area of digital humanities will play a vital role.

Internationally renowned experts of media art – Prof. Dr. Lev Manovich (New York CityU), Prof. Dr. Sean Cubitt (Goldsmiths), Prof. Dr. Christiane Paul (Whitney New York) and Prof. Dr. Oliver Grau (DanubeU) – are discussing solutions and are suggesting strategies for improvement on 4th December at the MUMOK

Danube University, Centre for Image Science –

ADA – Archive of Digital Art –



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christiane PAUL (New School NY, Whitney Museum NY):
From Archives to Collections: Digital Art in/out of Institutions

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lev MANOVICH (City University of New York, CUNY):
Archiving and analyzing digital art the scale of big data


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sean CUBITT (Department of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, London):
Aesthetics and Anaesthetics: Eudaimonism and Melancholia in the Archive

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Oliver GRAU, MAE (Department für Bildwissenschaften, Donau Universität):
Political Iconography of Digital Arts, it's Archive and a Museum Infrastructure for the 21 Century


Wine & Get together


Lev Manovich is the author of seven books including Software Takes Command (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013), Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database (The MIT Press, 2005), and The Language of New Media (The MIT Press, 2001) which was described as "the most suggestive and broad ranging media history since Marshall McLuhan." Manovich is a Professor at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and a Director of the Software Studies Initiative that works on the analysis and visualization of big visual cultural data. He was included in the list of "25 People Shaping the Future of Design" (2013) and also the list of "50 Most Interesting People Building the Future" (2014).

Sean Cubitt is Professor of Film and Television at Goldsmiths, University of London, fellow at the University of Melbourne and honorary professor at the University of Dundee. His publications include Videography: Video Media as Art and Culture (Palgrave, 1993), Timeshift: On Video Culture (Routledge, 2003), Simulation and Social Theory (SAGE, 2001), The Cinema Effect (MIT Press, 2005), EcoMedia (Rodopi, 2005), Digital Aesthetics (Sage, 2009) und The Practice of Light: A Genealogy of Visual Technology from Prints to Pixels (MIT Press, 2014). He investigates the history and philosophy of visual technology, media art histories, and mediation. Furthermore, he is a well-established speaker, who addresses questions of the interconnectivity of digital archives.

Christiane Paul (Whitney Museum, New School, NY) is one of the most influential curators of media art. Since the 1990s, she developed countless exhibitions. Recently she prepared INDAF Digital Art Festival (Inchon, South Korea, 2009), Eduardo Kac: Biotopes (Rio de Janeiro, 2010), Cory Arcangel: Pro Tools (New York, 2011), The Public Private (Kellen Gallery, The New School, 2013) and Scalable Relations (California, 2009). Paul is professor at the New School, NY and leads the ‚Media Studies Graduate Program‘. Digital Art (Thames & Hudson 2003) and Context Providers: Conditions of Meaning in Media Arts (Intellect, 2011) are already classics in the field.

Oliver Grau is chair professor of image science at the Danube-University. His book Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion (MIT Press, 2003) is the internationally most-quoted publication of contemporary art history. He is editor of Mediale Emotionen (Fischer, 2005), MediaArtHistories (MIT Press, 2007) and Imagery in the 21st Century (MIT Press 2011). Grau is member of the Academia Europaea, his publications were translated in 14 languages, and he was invited to over 300 lectures and key notes all over the world. His research focuses on the history and theory of media art, immersion and emotions as well as the history, idea, and culture of telepresence and artificial life. Moreover, he is developing the digital humanities (Archive of Digital Art, GSSG online etc.). He developed new international programmes such as, among others, the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree-Programm MediaArtsCultures MA, MediaArtHistories MA, Image Science MA.

Devon Schiller 8:53pm Nov 13
Excited to hear you then!!!

Rudolf Frieling 4:41am Nov 14
Meanwhile at the Tate, a conference on "Media in Transition" involving the Tate, MoMA, SFMOMA and the Getty Research Institute - just to say that some institutions actually do a lot in this respect

Oliver Grau 4:48am Nov 14
Yes, good that something international starts now, very late and evidently not enough though.. We have many case studies of preservation, but still no concerted policy. Last year I was myself invited at the TATE for such a conf. We asked them, what they have done since the last conf on that same subject 10 years before at the TATE, when we realized that they did not know about their own conf anymore... "Institutional memory"..

Nancy Anderson 6:27pm Nov 12
Downloaded. Will read soon.

Orit Halpern 6:38pm Nov 12
thanks! I hope you enjoy!

Angela Ferraiolo 3:47am Nov 13
just in time for the long thanksgiving weekend

Ksenia Fedorova 11:34pm Nov 13
Thanks for sharing!

An associate professor of German studies and of th...

Tamiko Thiel 8:46pm Nov 13
An associate professor of German studies and of theater and performance studies at Stanford, Smith's latest research shows how theatrical works converged with scientific research more than 100 years ago. In his forthcoming book, Theatres of Sensation: 19th Century Neuroscience and the Birth of the Modern Stage, Smith reveals how entertainers leveraged scientific research about human cognitive function to play directly on the nerves of spectators.