BREAKING: After 30 Years Andy WARHOLs Digital Art ...

Oliver Grau 3:41pm Apr 24
BREAKING: After 30 Years Andy WARHOLs Digital Art was rediscovered. I have a feeling there is better Art in the Digital Realm nowadays... Which brings us back to the eternal question and comparison of so called Contemporary Art, Art Market Art and all kinds of art forms in the digital realm, still not collected by almost all museums...

BIG DATA is no longer a buzzword but increasingly ...

Oliver Grau 3:25pm Apr 24
BIG DATA is no longer a buzzword but increasingly surging into our professional life. To fill this knowledge demand, the Department for Image Science at DanubeU will start in late Fall 2014 a new Master's in DATA STUDIES, bringing together an international faculty comprised of experts in the field.

Oliver Grau 3:25pm Apr 24
The program is directed by Prof. Dr. Ramón Reichert, whose new book will appear soon:Ökonomie/dp/3837625923

More from my reserches around Art Industries. From...

Marco Mancuso 2:26pm Apr 24
More from my reserches around Art Industries. From 1964 through around 1969, artist Stan VanDerBeek worked with computer scientist Ken Knowlton on a series of films. Each film was constructed using Knowlton's BEFLIX computer language, which was based on FORTRAN. The films were programmed on a IBM 7094 computer. The films were created in black and white, with color added later by Brown and Olvey. VanDerBeek was part of a unique program at Bell Labs that allowed artists to work with computer scientists in order to explore and advance the technology in the fields of computer graphics and music.

Decentralizing is Easy , and How about demonopoliz...

Duda Valle 12:48am Apr 24
Decentralizing is Easy , and How about demonopolizing ?

Duda Valle 5:17am Apr 24

Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (IH...

Biennale de Paris 3:40pm Apr 22
Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (IHEAP)

Call for Applications 2014
Session X, 2014-2016

In 1985, the City of Paris gave Pontus Hulten the task of creating a graduate school for research in contemporary art. Its antecendents were to be the Weimer Bauhaus School and Black Mountain College in the U.S., and it was meant to function as an alternative to Paris's École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts.

The Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (IHEAP) offers participants a course of study where they can free themselves from the inherited art history of the 20th century, by investigating crucial issues of art in the 21st century, an ongoing history in which the participants will eventually take part.

IHEAP is open to all those who have an interest in singular and extreme practices which currently and sporadically appear in the art world and elsewhere. IHEAP is for those who want to change their artistic practice or professional activity, for those who after several years of art school want to break free of alienated learning, who expect more from a school than a framework for artistic production, for those who reject art as it is commonly practiced, and finally for those who wish to work on essential issues in intimate and experimental conditions.

The course of study is completed in two years. The first year is composed of sessions work that mix practice and theorie. The second year is dedicated to the creation of an activity report. IHEAP does not discriminate by age. No specific diploma is required to apply.

Study at Iheap is equivalent to a post-graduate degree. The application fee is 75 euros. Tuition is 2990 euros for two years studies.

The submission of an application is an online process, according to a simplified procedure via a registration form:

Deadline for the submission of applications: June 1st, 2014

Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (IHEAP)
School Office
Phone : +33 (0)1 76 50 07 07
Email :

artvideoKOELN proudly presents CologneOFF 2014 Por...

Wilfried Agricola De Cologne 2:39pm Apr 22
artvideoKOELN proudly presents
CologneOFF 2014 Portugal
17 May & 21 June 2014 @ FONLAD Digital Art Festival Coimbra/Pt

For all those interested in the history of compute...

Grant Taylor 1:35pm Apr 22
For all those interested in the history of computer art, please consider my new book. Regards, Grant Taylor

Another look back : 1968 short film shows Bell Lab...

Joseph Nechvatal 12:13pm Apr 22
Another look back : 1968 short film shows Bell Laboratories scientists doing computer research

Wolf Vostell, Dick Higgins (eds.): Fantastic Archi...

Joseph Nechvatal 11:39am Apr 22
Wolf Vostell, Dick Higgins (eds.): Fantastic Architecture (1971)

Published by Dick Higgins' own seminal Something Else Press, Fantastic
Architecture is an adaptation of the German book Pop Architektur (Droste Verlag,
Düsseldorf, 1969) and features artists involved in Fluxus, pop and conceptual
art movements addressing the field of architecture through collages, captions
and mini-manifestos.

Randall Packer 11:40am Apr 22
Where are the visionary contemporary artist e-books?

Artist Special

Nicole Stenger
GALLIA (1987-88) is Stenger's first 3D movie, and already displays many of the distinctive features of her future productions: color, rhythm, recurrent sequences and vibrant soundtrack.
Carlos Katastrofsky
With common video formats, almost 17 million different colours can theoretically be represented on the screen today. If these are shown all at once, a condensation in pure white is generated in the digital picture production. Translated into a ...
Nicole Stenger
"ETERNAL SHELVES" is Stenger's first Web Based VR work programmed in early VRML 1.0, silent and un-animated. 3D words expressing the most intense emotions in a human history (exile, transe, etc.) are sitting on gray shelves, creating sparks of ...
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Glories of Accounting is an interactive installation with a surveillance system that detects the position of the public in the exhibition room. When someone walks into the room, large hands appear on the screen automatically. The hands rotate along ...
Thomson & Craighead
Horizon is a narrative clock made out of images accessed in realtime from webcams found in every time zone around the world. The result is a constantly updating array of images that read like a series of movie storyboards, but also as an idiosynratic ...
Ryoji Ikeda
date | place APR 26 - JUN 18, 2000 Hayward Gellery, London, UK tech spec speaker HHB Circle 5 8 power amplifier non-specific 4 8ch HD playback system AKAI DR8 1 white wall non-specific 2 white ...
Masaki Fujihata
Surveillance camera, surveillance video monitor, custom-made polarized filter glasses, PC, data projector x 2 This virtual mirror effectively erases the presence of the spectator, manipulating and questioning notions of identity and ...
Eduardo Kac
The central work in the "Natural History of the Enigma" series is a plantimal, a new life form I created and that I call "Edunia", a genetically-engineered flower that is a hybrid of myself and Petunia. The Edunia expresses my DNA exclusively in its ...