I invite you to visit my group: https://www.facebo...

Sergey Archaeologistcinema 9:51am Mar 3
I invite you to visit my group:

¿Qué es el arte sonoro?

Jaime Lavagne 8:56am Mar 3
¿Qué es el arte sonoro?

1968 sound sculpture breathing machine with sensor...

Lynn Hershman Leeson 3:14pm Mar 2
1968 sound sculpture breathing machine with sensors, 1992 Room of One's Own places viewers into the scene of surveillance, and periscope images shift as viewer moves the location, at Bridget Donahue Nyc and ZKM along with 700 other pieces till April 6.

Carla Gannis 3:17pm Mar 2

Marisa Olson 3:32pm Mar 2
Awesome, Lynn! Congratulations on this huge, exciting, well-deserved show! <3

The new miniature model projector "elektrotahiosko...

Sergey Archaeologistcinema 2:24pm Mar 2
The new miniature model projector "elektrotahioskope" (Russian Empire, 1893) is ready to go to your house! Please send us your suggestions!

CybeRoberta, 1994 telerobotic doll scans room and ...

Lynn Hershman Leeson 1:13pm Mar 2
CybeRoberta, 1994 telerobotic doll scans room and uploads to the internet, where you can moves her head 180 degrees. At Bridget Donahue NYC and also ZKM retrospective Civic Radar in Karlsruhe, along with 701 other works.

Michal Brzezinski workshop opens Polytech.Science....

Natalia Fuchs 8:24am Mar 2
Michal Brzezinski workshop opens Polytech.Science.Art 2015 in Moscow. Those interested in more information about 2015 plans and possible collaborations, have a look here:

Interview with Oliver Grau which was taken during ...

Natalia Fuchs 8:29am Mar 2
Interview with Oliver Grau which was taken during his visit to Moscow last year to participate in the "Philosophy of Art Today" conference of the Polytechnic Musem and Moscow Biennale // in Russian

Oliver Gingrich 12:42am Mar 2

My updated upcoming MediaArtHistories Lectures - w...

Oliver Grau 3:40pm Feb 28
My updated upcoming MediaArtHistories Lectures - would be great to see you soon, Friends and Colleagues..

GRAZ University, Department of Art History, 16.12.2015 (invited lecture)

BERLIN, Humboldt University, Fall 2015 (invited lecture)

AARHUS, University, Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Art Histroy, 9.09.2015 (invited lecture)

LODZ/WARSHAW, European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS) conference, University of Lodz and University Warsaw, Keynote 19.06.2015

BELGRADE, University, Faculty of fine Arts, 21.05.2015 (invited lecture)

PARIS, Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art (INHA), evening Lecture, 15.05.2015

MURCIA, 15.04. 2015 Media Art Futures Festival, Centro Parraga Art Center, (invited lecture)

ISTANBUL: "Amber Art and Technology Festival" (invited Lecture), 23.01.2015

Fabiana Moes 12:22am Mar 1
i hope soon in Brazil....

Evelyne Bologa 3:46am Mar 1
would it be possible for you to post some video excerpts (or more) on vimeo (or on another platform), perhaps... ?

Dominik Landwehr 10:20am Mar 1
keep me posted. Never in Switzerland?

Oliver Grau 10:21am Mar 1
last fall again in Basel.. ;-)

Dominik Landwehr 10:22am Mar 1
and I missed that, too bad

Dominik Landwehr 10:22am Mar 1
would be interested in a short program of lets say 1 week anyway in Europe. Does that exist?

Franck Ancel 4:58pm Mar 1
Unfortunately, I will not be in Paris the 15th May, really so sad.

Sonia Ali 9:18pm Mar 1
A trip to sunny glasgow perhaps? Wud love to see the videos/hear the audios of the lecture.

PLOW, SKID, DRAG (1972) is a film by Andrew Lugg a...

Tom Sherman 5:30pm Mar 1
PLOW, SKID, DRAG (1972) is a film by Andrew Lugg and John Orentlicher. Performance by John Orentlicher; film documentation by Andrew Lugg. Shot in Bridgewater, Michigan, a township 14 miles southwest of Ann Arbor on Tom Adair's farm (then known affectionately as the Bridgewater School of Art). Adair drives the tractor that pulls Orentlicher around the yard as his body functions as series of farm implements (a plow, drag and skid).

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