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Lanfranco Aceti
Lanfranco Aceti works as an academic, artist and curator and is the founder of The Studium: Lanfranco Aceti Inc. He is the founder and Director of OCR (Operational and Curatorial Research in Contemporary Art, Design, Science and Technology) and

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NewMediaArt Research

Nea Ehrlich 09.01.2017
Hi all, I'm looking for examples of artists/exhibitions/ art-related research centres dealing with the deep web/darknet. More generally, art dealing with the notion of invisibility from a technology-related perspective also much appreciated! Anyone? Thanks!
Alessandro Ludovico 17.01.2017
Neural [Archive] L'art et la machine : Du XVIIIe au XXIe siècle Cédric Lesec, Claudine Cartier, Henry-Claude Cousseau Lienart éditions
Jaime Lavagne 17.01.2017
Kristin Dittrich 16.01.2017
Lieke Anne 16.01.2017
From 26-29 January at SPEKTRUM art_technology_community: Exhibition #8: DARK SCIENCE (Dark Society part-one): the darker dimensions of science explored through states of absence, immateriality, evanescence and void Works: Labofactory, Jean-Marc Chomaz, Laurent Karst & Gaétan Lerisson: VOID SPACES Michael Kugler & Sebastian Wolf: BRUME Luiz Zanotello: THE AEROGRAPHER Giovanni Salice: NANOSOUND curated by Alfredo Ciannameo
Claire Donnelly 15.01.2017
Much appreciated. Looking forward to posts
Roberto Simanowski 15.01.2017
If you speak German and are interested in my thoughts on Facebook society, here is a chat I had with Barbara Bleisch from Sternstunde Philosophie (
Almudena Escobar López 14.01.2017
Consider submitting to our 11th Visual and Cultural Studies Graduate Conference, Environments and the Ecological self with Rosalyn Deutsche as our keynote (April 6th-7th, 2017) The DEADLINE is JANUARY 27
Oliver Grau 14.01.2017
Check out the new annotated research overview on *NEW MEDIA ART* - Histories published by Oxford Bibliographies.
MoBen Maurice Benayoun 11.01.2017
On Artribune: Artists on the Net (Italiano) Lorenzo Taiuti's response to Mark Tribe (Rhizome) on the value of early media art works... (I haven't yet read Mark's text, but I will ;-)
Anna Maria Monteverdi 11.01.2017
Pau Alsina 10.01.2017
Dear all please share to those interested >> CFP Artnodes Journal>> "Art and Speculative Futures" Deadline 15th of January.
Nina Torsten Römer 08.01.2017
opening Freitag 13.1. "under construction" im Schau Fenster, Berlin
Thierry Geoffroy 08.01.2017
come this thursday at the museum 2.15 pm = it is the last week At 2.15, the #nowbeforeitistoolate exhibition will change with Emergency Art of that day artist Hartmut Stockter ,Nadia Plesner , Nina Wengel , , Ismar Čirkinagić ,Dagmar Radmacher , Thierry Geoffroy At 3 pm meet philosopher Carsten Friberg who will present reflections on the apathy of today . at Arbjeder Museum Rømersgade 22 CPH Just uploaded on the Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Biennale don t miss to read this very interesting text by Carsten “Now before it is too late” - Ultracontemporary art as a response to contemporary political apathy. In colloaboration with Tijana Miskovic , part of an exhibition curated by Kasper Lynge
Moritz Nino 06.01.2017
"Situation Space. How Spatial Images Define the User’s Disposition." International conference with keynote lectures by Erkki Huhtamo (University of California Los Angeles), Nanna Verhoeff (Utrecht University) and Jens Schröter (Universität Bonn).
Tamiko Thiel 05.01.2017
I should mention that the book was started back in 2013, so the artworks it shows (and perhaps the essays also - I haven't gotten my copy yet to read them) are from 2010 - 2012. In that sense, it is a historic snapshot of early augmented reality artworks! The photo documentation of the AR artworks are themselves augmented, to give some sense (either through an image augment or through a linked video documentation) of the original augment itself.
Denilson LOpes 06.01.2017
Friends near Rotterdam, among others don't miss first feature movies by Leonardo Mouramateus, Marcelo Caetano and Ricardo Alves Jr.
Dominique Vinck 04.01.2017
*/ POST FUTURE | OPEN CALL To all the creatives out there, if you are eager to show your work(s), please do not hesitate to apply to the #PostFuture Athens Digital Arts Festival, 13th edition (from 18 to 21 May, 2017). Spread the word! More information on #ADAF2017 #ADAF #PostFuture #OpenCall
Irina Spicaka 03.01.2017
“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” Get involved with our next Workshop ➝ Advanced Live Visuals with Cycling'74 software MaxMSP ! Sign up ➝
Andreas Müller-Pohle 03.01.2017
Just released: European Photography #100, "Talking Photography – 100 Pictures that Tell a Story", a unique tour of the world with 100 outstanding images and their stories, told by 102 photographers from 39 countries. Now available at (Cover: Laurence Rasti. There Are No Homosexuals in Iran, 2014)