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Marta de Menezes
"Marta de Menezes is a Portuguese artist (b. Lisbon, 1975) with a degree in Fine Arts by the University in Lisbon, a MSt in History of Art and Visual Culture by the University of Oxford, and a PhD candidate at the University of Leiden. She has

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Stacy Jerger 25.04.2017
The latest Leonardo/ISAST journal is out. Articles explore artistic and scientific approaches to memory, reimagining our brain, artificial life forms, and digital performance art with electronic waste. Check out even more art/science articles and special sections, including their newest section Art and Cancer. Plus there's a free download!
Oliver Grau 25.04.2017
José Manuel Berenguer 24.04.2017
SOUND ART MASTER | POSTGRADUATE IN SOUND CREATION UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA The MASTER STUDIES IN SOUND ART OF UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA focuses on understanding the ideas and techniques required to articulate an art production proposal in the field of sound art, along with the technologies needed to undertake it. It uses reference texts that address new ways of hearing, helping students to articulate new ideas fully contextualized within the framework of international contemporary art. Subjects : Sculpture and Sonic Objects, Psychoacoustics and Experimental Music, Ethics and Aesthetics of Sound Art, Elements on Musical Generation, Radio Art, Soundscape Recording, Audio Post-Production, Sound Installation, Spatial Acoustics, Social and Political Aspects of Sound Art, Music and Architecture, Online Radio, Improvisation, Acousmatic Composition and Multifocal Loudspeakers Environments. Pre-registration from 01/05/2017 to 29/09/2017 Registration from 02/10/2017 to 31/10/2017 Beginning of course 10/10/2017 Pre-enrolment open Academic programe : +INFO : Contact: | | The MASTER STUDIES IN SOUND ART OF UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA (70 Credits ECTS) includes two semestral postgraduate courses that can be followed independently and a third semester to achieve the Final Master Work : -POSTGRADUATE ON SOUND CREATION - MATERIALS AND TOOLS (30 credits ECTS, October - January) -POSTGRADUATE ON SOUND DESING - PROJECTION AND ESPACE (30 crèdits ECTS, February - June) -FINAL MASTER WORK (10 credits ECTS, next October - January)
Jérémie House Cat Teboulof 24.04.2017
Paola Zucchello 22.04.2017
Art Web Gallery is pleased to present 6° edition of the exhibition The Videoperformance. Good vision online: www,
Kit Galloway 22.04.2017
July 26, 1977: This might be considered the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Satellite Arts project, but the 40th was actually back in 1975. In any case, "THE FIRST TRANSCONTENENTAL SATELLITE LINK ORGANIZED BY ARTISTS" took place on July 26, 1977! Not as is has been advertised for the last 40 years.
Denilson LOpes 22.04.2017
Dear Friends and Colleagues at London and nearby, I would like to invite you for three talks. Down below you can find the information about them. I thank Prof. Edward King and Prof. Matthew Brown from the invitation and to make my coming to UK possible. Also I thank Prof. Stephen W. Hart from University College, London, Prof. Rosalind Galt and Prof. Jeffrey Scheibel from King´s College, London. for their invitations. Please feel free to resend this information to whom may be interested in it. I would be glad to meet you. Thanks and best, Denilson Lopes (, Associate Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and CNPq researcher For uipadted information about the talks: Cv:… For essays: 1)Affect, Queer and Artifice in Latin America University of Bristol (Woodland Road Arts Complex, G65), Wednesday 3rd May, 1-2pm This talk is part of a broader research project on affect, relationships and encounters with contemporary Brazilian cinema. The aim of the talk is to map out a number of concepts and debates that underpin the ongoing conversation between affect and queer studies and the study of contemporary cinema, especially in relation to mise-en-scène. The first part will focus on Deleuzian theory, mostly those developed in Deleuze and Guattari’s What is Philosophy? (Qu'est-ce que la philosophie? ) and in particular on how the concept of affect found in these theorists’ works can be approached through a formal discussion of cinematic staging. Secondly, I wish to suggest how Latin American critical production can propose a closer dialogue between affect and queer studies, particularly with regard to artifice. Lastly, I will suggest briefly how Karim Aïnouz’s 2002 film Madame Satã occupies a point of intersection between affect, queer studies and artifice. 2)About Encounters, Parties and Loneliness King´s College London (main Strand campus building, room K- (minus) 1.56, Strand Street), Wednesday May 10th, 6pm-7:30pm. After presenting a brief idea of how affects could be understood by relationships and encounters and also a very brief and general introduction about independent and contemporary Brazilian cinema from 2009 to 2006 I would suggest a reading of The party and the dogs (2016, 25 minutes, Subtitles in English) by Leonardo Mouramateusn that is going to be screened. A movie made only by photos that talks about the possibilities of being together and what is to belong today. Having studied inbetween spaces (Santiago), interculturality (Canclini) and transculural landscapes (Appadurai) I could point now to a cosmopolitan sensibility that means to be "at home in the world" quoting the title of the book by the anthropologist Michael Jackson. This talk is a part of my recent book Afetos, Relações e Encontros com filmes Brasileiros contemporâneos. (Affects, Relations and Encounters with Brazilian Contemporary Films) that is going to released in May. 3)“Affects and Contemporary Brazilian Cinema” University College, London (Gavin de Beer Lecture Theatre, Anatomy G04 Gower Street) Friday May 12th 2.00-2.45 pm. Part of the New Approaches to Latin American Film Seminar when the book A Companion to Latin American Cinema Companion (Wiley) edited by Profs. Maria M. Delgado, Randal Johnson and Stephen W. Hart will be realesed. For the whole schedule of the seminar please go to:… From 2009 to nowadays a new generation of Brazilian filmakers has been making their first short films and feature movies. Facing the expansion of digital images, these movies can´t be considered anymore part of the so called Cinema da Retomada that intended to achieve good commecial results and quality at the same time. In the middle of a production that is regionally more diverse one aspect has called my attention: the usage of the word affect by several of these artists, especially, those who were closer to Mostra de Tiradentes that has become the first and more important film festival for young directors in Brazil. I have tried to understand several of these films as stagings of affects. I have been very curious of how LGBTQ issues have strongly appeared at this new generation. The movie "By your Side" by Marcelo Caetano (2013, 21 minutos, subtitles in English, available at that is going to be screened and it will be analyzed under the perspective mentioned before and also as a response to questions such as if nowadays art can be a way of life, a way of being together.This talk is a part of my recent book Afetos, Relações e Encontros with Brazilian Contemporary Films) that is going to released in May.
Rachel Rits-Volloch 21.04.2017
Opening TODAY at Momentum Worldwide: parallel exhibitions by the Australian performance duo Clark Beaumont and Israeli Berlin-based artist Amir Fattal. EVENT: WEB:
Randall Packer 21.04.2017
Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz encountering satellite delay feedback researching the historic Satellite Arts '77 project. Kit will discuss their groundbreaking tele-communications work at our interview this coming Monday/Tuesday April 24/25 (depending on your time zone) on Networked Conversations. For more details:
Martijn Kleppe 20.04.2017
*Call for Abstracts* Computer Vision in Digital Humanities 3rd Workshop on AVinDH, to be held at the Digital Humanities Conference DH2017, Montreal, Canada Date: 7 August 2017 Deadline for Abstracts: 31 May 2017 url: *Workshop Overview* This full-day workshop will start with a keynote address by Lindsay King & Peter Leonard (Yale University) on “Processing Pixels: Towards Visual Culture Computation”. This keynote will be followed by: Paper presentations based around three themes: 1) Results or ongoing work and research in which computer vision was applied and what opportunities and challenges were faced. 2)How can cooperation between Humanities researchers and computer vision experts be improved so both can benefit of each other’s expertise? 3) What kind of large publicly available annotated datasets are of use for Digital Humanities researchers? A hands-on session in which participants will be able to experiment with open source Computer Vision tools. This session will be led by Benoit Seguin of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, (EPFL). Lightning Talks allowing participants to share their ideas, projects or ongoing work in a short presentation of two minutes. Registration for this session will take place during the workshop so no submission is needed for part of the workshop. *Submission Details* The workshop organisers invite abstracts for paper presentation (max 500 words) that deal with one or more of the aforementioned themes. To submit an abstract, please send a docx or pdf file to before May 31 2017. Accepted abstracts will be published on the website of the AVinDH Special Interest Group ( ) *Important Dates* Deadline: 31 May 23:59 2017 Date for notification: 15 June 2017 Workshop: Monday 7 August 2017
Irina Spicaka 19.04.2017
Hey everyone! Don't miss this 4-day long AudioVisual Artefacts with Pure Data & Raspberry Pi workshop next week in Berlin. Sign up and join us on April 25th ➝
Rada Nastai 19.04.2017
What if Samantha hadn’t broken up with Theodore Twombly at the end of Spike Jonze’s movie HER?
Lieke Anne 17.04.2017
Opening this Friday: Exhibition #10: Dark Technology Dark Web (21-23 April at SPEKTRUM) This 3rd Exhibition in the Dark Society series aims to gather works that unveil dark technological dimensions while questioning the ability and necessity for users to stay anonymous, hide their tracks or obfuscate their surrounding systems of surveillance. Curated by Alfredo Ciannameo
Thomas Dreher 13.04.2017
The exhibition "Modus Operandi" at "Société" in Brussels combines Fluxus, Conceptual Art and Computer Art. Instructions are the common criterion combining Conceptual and Computer Art. Ed Shanken's article "The House That Jack Built" (1998) and my "Conceptual Art and Software Art" (2005) prefigure this exhibition concept.
Oliver Grau 12.04.2017
Call: 300 submissions from 62 countries !
Amaya Mendizabal 12.04.2017
DUAL on Saturday, April 29, 1 - 6 PM. (Day Session) at Filmideo 2017
Gianluca Del Gobbo 12.04.2017
EXTENDED DEADLINE TO APRIL 18 LPM 2017 Amsterdam CALL FOR PROPOSALS!!! Hurry up to register if you want to be part of LPM Live Performers Meeting​ 2017 at RADION Amsterdam. Info: