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Maria Fedorova
, currently based: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Affiliated institution: School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University
Maria is a media theorist, art critic and public programs curator. She was born and raised in Moscow where she got her BA in Linguistics and Communications. Maria worked as a PR advisor and curatorial assistant to several established contemporary art galleries in Moscow. Among her projects: Berliner Liste (Berlin), Biennale for Young Art, Surrealist Graphic Art Retrospective, the first and only HR Giger Retrospective in Moscow.

In 2012 she moved to Vancouver where she is currently seeking her MA in Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Her academic interests include Eastern European and International new media art with a focus on performance and digital video distribution mechanisms. She explores how degraded aesthetics is manifested in contemporary video art practices.

Her fascination with early forms of theatre rooted in Russian avant-garde, film theory, performance art in the context of activism gave her a unique perspective that is demonstrated in her critical and research writing.

Maria is a co-founder of ARTinVANCOUVER, social media and cultural platform that represents an intersection of art, design and technology.
2007 - 2015
Art Critic - Public Programs Curating - Media Theory

2007 - 2015 Art Critic - Public Programs Curating - Media Theory

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