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»Hylozoic Ground«

Beesley, Philip. Hylozoic Ground Volume 28 (2011): 72-79.
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The word 'soil' might speak quietly of secure mass and compression and resource for framing human territory, but this contemporary soil seethes with a...


Sibyl was presented as part of the 18th Biennale of Sydney from June 27 - September 16, 2012. The work was installed within a massive basilica-like ha...


The Hylozoic Ground Collaboration is a retrospective exhibition that documents the evolving development of Philip Beesley and collaborators' diverse b...


Hylozoic Ground, an immersive interactive environment that is part of the Hylozoic Soil Series of works, will be presented by PBAI, a Toronto-based in...


Hylozoic Soil is an interactive geotextile mesh that senses human occupants and responds with air movement, produced by peristaltic waves of motion wi...

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