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»From Technological to Virtual Art«

Popper, Frank. From Technological to Virtual Art. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2006.
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circulation, 2010

MP4 Full HD y Flash (RSS Yahoo)

The man: Vincent Charlebois

The woman: Mélissa Gagné

Production: Agence Topo para Geoweb




A revolutionary Poetry Book, programmed in Web Based VRML and conceived for immersion.


Texts translated from "Vite de la Banane", available at the ...


The encounter between two images randomly downloaded from Flickr is a logical articulation of and,or,implies,if...then,if and only if,only if,just in ...


In a series of 'test cases', Knowbotic Research investigate the construction of identity, power, and communication.The installation Black_Cat confront...


"DYNASTY" is Stenger's third Virtual Reality movie, programmed for web-based VRML, but also conceived for immersion.



A child again, you ...


The exhibition 'Room for Manoeuvre' features new works by Knowbotic Research (KRcF), known for their advanced network and media projects since the fou...


The intervention of Knowbotic Research includes several, sometimes contradictory levels. On the one hand, it reflects political culture in the early 2...


Re-engeneering and Re-enactment of a stealthboat as shown in a Tamil Tiger propaganda video footage. The Tamil Tiger video footage was found on intern...


Knowbotic Research

investigates in the context of the

"war of terror" legal frameworks which inscribe and determine in mostly invisible layers our ...


This project consists of a gallery installation, a Web interface (called Public Domain Scanner) and a free downloadable news ticker. Through the Web i...


Mental imMigration is a collective networked environment which allows on a playful level experiental approaches to new forms of global teleworking. Th...


Eventmodul::anonymous.databody.muttering addresses the phenomenon of our digital identity. knowbotic research builds data bodies from the many persona...


"CHAMBERS" is Stenger's second movie in the Virtual Reality TRILOGY, programmed in web-based VRML, it was also conceived for immersion.


Narrative, ...


connective force attack: open way to public


How to crack it!' was the information and encouragement the computer magazine PC Online offered to...


"Time to back-up?" stellt den sehr reduzierten zweiten Teil der

Biennale-Arbeit "IO_lavoro immateriale" von Knowbotic Research dar, die aus zwei in ...


In the search for new forms of urbanity the influence of media

technologies on the perception of and on the engagement with social constructed space...


"ETERNAL SHELVES" is Stenger's first Web Based VR work programmed in early VRML 1.0, silent and un-animated.


3D words expressing the most intense e...


Recording quality priority: the 16-bit-recording quality is the

selection criterion for the sound selection of turing tuning. This

results in a "d...


Dialogue With The Knowbotic South-

strategies on a changing view of nature


A dynamic map of a data-land-scape providing a form of interaction wi...


SMDK is a cross-disciplinary project by Knowbotic Research that results from an exchange of working techniques between media artists, computer musicia...


The First Immersive Virtual Reality Movie.


"ANGELS" was conceived at MIT & developed at the Hitlab in Seattle. It was completed in December 1991 and...

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