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»New Zealand Report«

Ludovico, Alessandro. New Zealand Report 32 (Spring 2009).
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In 2009 we began a project with the British Antarctic Survey to explore how the data it derives from its research in the Southern Ocean could be redep...


YCLONE.SOC brings together two contemporary phenomena:


severe weather, the project uses weather data that charts the emergence and progress of hurr...


Reconnoitre is part of an ongoing series of works concerned with our experience of the network as a bizarre_scape; an environment with a high metaboli...


die.txt is a bio-engineered text editor. As the user types, individual

words spawn outgrowths of alternative meanings and definitions. These



Mesh is a sci-art 2000 research and development project around the subject of self-organising networks. Self-organisation is a general model which des...


The work consists of a Free Software Game Boy emulator whose rendering system has been (pathologically) rewritten to degenerate over time.


Game ent...

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*1969, Artist