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»Digital Arts, Tendencies, Artists, Places and Festivals«

Cadet, France. Digital Arts, Tendencies, Artists, Places and Festivals MCD et M21 Editions (2008).
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"Hunting Trophies" is a project showing a collection of eleven hunting trophies hung on the wall. These trophies are similar to those that hunters cou...


Blending into society, robots are now becoming more and more life-like. They are claiming to be acting as moral agents and have now the ability and de...


Nemo, the robotic fish, is swimming imperturbably in the screen, which is his fish tank as well.


The robotic cat is sitting in front of the screen ...


The installation gathers a group of 10 robotic dogs in which some punctual and random bugs emerge (this is almost a pleonasm) in order to ironically i...


In this experimental space, seven little chimerical robots are evolving, some animals which have the general morphology of a dog but some have bovine ...

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