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ZKM - Center for Art and Media

Founded: 1989; Karlsruhe
Partner: ARTE, ARD, EnBW
The ZKM was founded in 1989 with the mission of continuing the classical arts into the digital age. This is why it is sometimes called the »electronic or digital Bauhaus« – an expression that is traced back to the founding director Heinrich Klotz. From the very beginning, it has also taken on the task of creating the conditions for the creation of works of art, whether by guest artists or employees of the house - for this reason it is called a centre and not a museum.
Areas of Specialization
The Center for Arts and Media initiates research in several directions. The Hertz-Lab focuses on artistic production and media technology research. At the laboratory, contemporary artistic-scientific concepts – for example, extended reality in AR and VR applications, artificial intelligence, immersiveness, or sensor-supported environments as well as research into artistic options in the electromagnetic field – are reflected on across media and genres, examined for artistic applicability and realized in productions. The department »Wissen – Collection, Archives & Research« brings together the major parts of the collection – contemporary art, media art and video art - and accomplishes archival work. The Collection, Archive, Library, Media Library (audiovisual services) and Laboratory for Antiquated Video Systems together have the wide-ranging and highly specialist expertise needed for a technical and professional approach to the objects in the ZKM Collection and Archives. This expertise is enhanced by close cooperation with restorers and technicians from the »Museum and Exhibition Technical Services« department.
Publications & References
Ziegler, Philipp and Andreas Beitin and Bader Joerg, ed. Armin Linke, The Appearance of That Which Cannot be Seen. Leipzig: Spector Books, 2017.
Weibel, Peter. Musik und Medien. Vom Klang im technischen Zeitalter. Vol.2. Enzyklopädie der Medien, Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2016.

Musician and sound artist Nicolas Melmann at ZKM

With the app »MyCity, MySounds«, one of Melmann's project goals is to explore the city of Karlsruhe in search of Jewish life in the city and to recreate the path of the Jewish diaspora, symbolically representing an important part of the history of the Jewish people and its culture through sound.