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Maciej Wisniewski
, currently based: New York City

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Maciej Wisniewski is an internationally respected digital artist and pioneer in network art.

His art projects: netomat (1999), 4 Stories With a Twist (2004), 3 Seconds in the Memory the Internet (2002), Instant Places (2002), Streaming Conscience (2002), netomateque (2002), Turnstile (1998), ScanLink (1998), Jackpot (1996), Tele-Touch (1996) have been featured in online and offline exhibitions at Postmasters Gallery, New York; The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Guggenheim Museum Soho New York; ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany; ICC Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN; Mass MOCA, North Adams, MA; San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco; Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland; Banff New Media Institute, Banff, Canada; New Media Centre at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK.

Wisniewski co-founded and is Chief Scientist of a software company based on the netomat art project. The company is venture capital funded.

Maciej Wisniewski and netomat Inc. were awarded Technology Pioneer of 2007 by The World Economic Forum .

Wisniewski is the author and patent holder of Sharing, Managing and Communicating Information Over a Computer Network.

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