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Iona Scott
, currently based: Brighton, U.K

Archive of Digital Art (ADA). “Iona Scott – artist profile”. (retrieved 2015-22-01). @online{ADAartistprofile, author = {Archive of Digital Art (ADA)}, title = {Iona Scott artist profile}, url = {}, urldate = {retrieved 2015-22-01}
I am an Artist and Animator. Originally from London, and graduating from a BA in Fine Art, I started exhibiting my sculptures in clubs and galleries in London in the early 90's. I collaborated with other Artists and musicians in the electronic music scene at private parties and clubs all around London. These include the Rock Garden, Brain Club, Ministry of Sound and The Roundhouse. Through my contacts and collaborators I then moved to San Francisco to continue collaborating and exhibiting with British and American musicians. On returning to the UK after 3 years I completed an MA in Computer Animation and Special Effects at NCCA Bournemouth University and then worked as a 3D Artist in a Computer Games Company.

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