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Kenneth E. Rinaldo
* 1958

Archive of Digital Art (ADA). “Kenneth E. Rinaldo – artist profile”. (retrieved 2021-06-01). @online{ADAartistprofile, author = {Archive of Digital Art (ADA)}, title = {Kenneth E. Rinaldo artist profile}, url = {}, urldate = {retrieved 2021-06-01}
Kenneth E. Rinaldo is an interactive multimedia artist, theorist, curator, and professor. He is head at Art & Technology in Ohio State University. He has been working at the intersection of art and biology for over two decades working in the catagories of interactive robotics, biological art, artificial life, interspecies communication, rapid prototyping and digital imaging. His works have been commissioned and displayedin Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth, Transmediale Berlin, ARCO, OK Center for Contemporary Art, ARS ELECTRONICA, Siggraph, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki and The Exploratorium, San Francisco among others.

2004 Award of Distinction from Ars Electronica
2002 Awarded at the Transmediale Berlin
2000 Awarded at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Finland
2000 Avida 3.0 1st Prize Artificial life art work / for Autopoiesis
1998 Awarded at Image Du Future, Montreal, Canada
1998 Assitant Professor at the Ohio State University, Art and Technology in The Department Of Art, Columbus Ohio
1997 - 1998 Engineer at ZENTEK Inc.
1997 - 1998 Lecturer at the Columbia College, Department of Science and Math, Chicago IL.
1996 - 1997 Visiting Artist at the Chicago Art Institute, Department of Art and Technology, Chicago IL.
1996 M.F.A. at the San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA / Informationart/Conceptualdesign
1984 B.A. at the University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA / Communication
1982 A.S. at the Canada College, Redwood City, CA. / Computer Science

Exhibitions & Conferences
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