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Lucy Petrovic
, currently based: Dallas, USA
Affiliated institution: University of Texas at Dallas

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New media artist, researcher and educator, focusing on human-computer interactivity and virtual reality environments.

2010 Associate Professor, Arts and Technology Program, University of Texas at Dallas
2007 - 2009 Dean of Graduate Studies, Egg Story Digital Arts School, Singapore / As Dean she established a degree program and as Principal Lecturer taught courses in digital video and programming for animators.
1998 - 2007 Various positions including Artist in Residence and Research Fellow in the College of Fine Arts, University of Arizona. / Research involves creating virtual reality immersive environments. Responsible for designing curriculum in Digital Arts MFA, and teaching courses in programming interactivity, digital arts history, and multimedia to graduate and undergraduate students.
1987 - 1996 Various teaching positions including Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Professor at Savannah College of Art and Design. / Developed curriculum and taught classes in computer interactive programming for artists.
1987 Computer Graphics Technician, Video Image, Los Angeles, CA. / Created animation for the Network television show “Max Headroom,” and a Walt Disney film “Earth Star Voyager.”
1985 MFA, University of Illinois, Chicago, Electronic Visualization Laboratory
1977 BUS, Bachelor of University Studies Degree, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Self designed curriculum in film, photography and video

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