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Simone Michelin
* 1956, currently based: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Affiliated institution: Escola de Belas Artes/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

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She Lives in Rio de Janeiro as a New Media Artist and Researcher employing computer-based technologies and moving-image associated to architectural constructions in the production of art. Michelin investigates the production of social space through people's behavioral relationships, within spaces of public domain, triggered by artistic propositions . Her research focuses on Electronic Art with special reference to video, telecommunication systems, interactive systems and VR applied to the production of Public Art. It addresses the creation of new urban situations as art-based processes mediated by computers.

2003 - 2005 PhD candidate at the Program Visual Languages (PPGAV) of the School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, BR
2003 RUMOS ITAÚ CULTURAL 2003 - mention of honour for the research project “PUBLIC DOMAIN: enhancing social interaction through computer-mediated systems”
2000 RIOARTE Grant in Art and Technology, Secretary Municipal of Culture, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1999 - 2000 Fellow Research in the PhD program at CAIIA-STAR, in the Centre for Science, Technology and Art Research, University of Plymouth, UK, working with Prof. Roy Ascott
1998 - 1999 Specialization in Film and Media Arts and Public Art, School of Theatre and Communication and Tyler School of Art, Temple University, PA, USA, working with Prof. Peter D'Agostino
1996 - 1997 Master of Visual Arts - School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, BR
1994 - 1996 Director of Cultural Interchange at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, BR
1994 Co-Director of the Multimedia Center at School of Visual Arts Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, BR
1991 Associate Professor of Sculpture and Researcher in Art and Technology at UFRJ, permanent member of the staff - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, School of Fine Arts - EBA
1978 Assistant Professor at the ART School for children, IA / UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS
1975 - 1979 Bachelor of Fine Arts - Institute of Arts, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - IA/UFRGS, Porto Alegre, BR

Exhibitions & Conferences
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