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Néstor Lizalde
* 1979, currently based: Zaragoza, España

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Néstor Lizalde, 1979 Zaragoza (Spain).His work explores the possibilities raised in the art world through the so-called new media. With an academic background: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master in Visual Arts and Multimedia, Advanced Design and Electronics Studies, this strong technical background artist generates a dialogue between technological experimentation and artistic tradition, exploring languages arising from this match.

Lizalde makes a practical research based on the creation of new media and audiovisual forms through programming, electronic design, manufacturing and optical digital imaging systems. Although it becomes clear, this strong presence workshop processes linked to new technologies, his work focuses on creating projects where technical experimentation turns into visual and narrative devices that enable building an imaginary halfway between science fiction and surrealism, an immersive universe as disturbing as hypnotic.

2012-2010 Advanced studies in Electronic Product Development, San Valero Fundation(FSV).
2010-2008 Official Master in Visual Arts and Multimedia, Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).
2008-2003 Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, University of Salamanca (USAL).
2003-2000 Advanced studies in Graphic Design, Zaragoza Art School.

2015 Group exhibition "Naked Veriti" - Festival ARS ELECTRONICA. Post City & Ars Electronica Center. Linz, Austria.
2014 Group exhibition "MADATAC 06". Palacio de Cibeles. Madrid, Spain.
2014 Group exhibition "Maker Faire Bilbao". Old Cookie Factory Bilbao, Spain.
2013 Group exhibition "The projected image, ProyectarAragón". Centro de Historias de Zaragoza, Spain.
2013 Group exhibition "Media Getaway". Advanced technologies and new media in audiovisual forms. Center for Art and Technology ETOPIA Zaragoza.
2013 Group exhibition "I want a million friends". Center for Art and Technology ETOPIA Zaragoza.
2012 Intervention "#Kedarte 2012", rural gathering of Art and New Technologies. Morille, Salamanca, Spain.
2011 Solo exhibition “TRANSCODE”, new media and electronic art. Antonia Puyó Gallery, Zaragoza, Spain.
2011 Exhibition of work “Factory_5” audiovisual composition interface device. Business Incubation Center in Zaragoza, Spain.
2010 Exhibition of work “Velvet-Transcode” visual browsing interface device. University of Valencia, Spain.
2009 Group exhibition “On the Threshold, 25 years of Young Artists”. Touring exhibition in the Community of Aragon: museums of Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel.
2009 Group exhibition “Photo 2009”. Railowsky Gallery, Valencia, Spain.
2008 Audio-visual exhibition on the “X Meeting on electronic video art”. University of Salamanca USAL.
2008 Group exhibition “(42-94 +79) / 9”. Youth Space of the City of Salamanca, Spain.
2007 Group exhibition “Arts Competition VI”. Building of the Chamber of Commerce of Teruel, Spain.
2007 Group exhibition “Interactive 2007”. Josep Sala Renaude of the Polytechnic University of Valencia UPV.
2005 Group exhibition “Young Artists Exhibition of Aragon 2005”. Sala Goya (DGA building in Zaragoza), Museo Provincial of Teruel and Huesca Museum.
2004 Group exhibition “San Marcos Awards 2004”. Patio Room School of Salamanca, Spain.

2014 Award "Best young artist in 2013" Aragonese Association of Art Critics (AACA).
2005 First Prize in the “Youth Art Exhibition 2005 Aragon” with audiovisual installation “Hole”.


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Néstor Lizalde, premio AACA "Mejor artista aragonés menor de 35 años"


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