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Where Dogs Run
* 2000, currently based: Ekaterinburg, Russia ::

Archive of Digital Art (ADA). “Where Dogs Run – artist profile”. (retrieved 2016-10-03). @online{ADAartistprofile, author = {Archive of Digital Art (ADA)}, title = {Where Dogs Run artist profile}, url = {}, urldate = {retrieved 2016-10-03}
The creative association “Where Dogs Run”. The group was formed in 2000 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. It represents a wide range of contemporary multimedia arts (sound, video, installation, public performances). In its artworks the group addresses spontaneous bodily experiences and mythological narrations, as well as optical and language illusions. The group’s artwork has been presented at various festivals and exhibitions of contemporary art.

2015; Karlsruhe, ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, exhibition GLOBALE: Exo-Evolution, installation " Faces of smell "

2015; Moscow, special project of 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art , exhibition “НАДЕЖДА/HOPE”, Trekhgornaya Manufaktura , project “Collector”

2015; Karlsruhe, ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, exhibition GLOBALE: Infosphere, installation " Fields 2.1"

2015; Moscow, LABORATORIA Art & Science space, exhibition
"Quantum entanglement" installation "1,4...19"

2014; Moscow , "Manezh" , COSMOSCOW ,
Russia's only international fair for contemporary art,
installation "1,4...19"

2014 ; Moscow , Udarnyk, The exhibition of the Kandinsky Prize 2014 nominees,
video "Trialogue", video "1,4...19", "Symbolism in the wiring diagrams" video and objects

2014; Perm Museum PERMM exhibition "Registry"

2014; Tomsk, Siberian Branch of NCCA, the exhibition "I FEEL U".

2014; Yekaterinburg, "1,4...19" UF NCCA

2014; NizhniyNovgorod, Volga branch of the NCCA, the Arsenal, the exhibition
"Science Museum of XXI Century," Interaktive installation " Fields 2.1"

2014; Kazan, "Manezh" Kazan Kremlin, a traveling exhibition project "Nizhe-Nizhnego",
"Symbolism in the wiring diagrams. Velimir Khlebnikov", video and objects

2013; Moscow, LABORATORIA Art & Science space, exhibition
(special project) within 5 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
"Laboratory Ice" video "Trialogue"

2013; Moscow, The State Tretyakov Gallery, the exhibition (special project) within
5 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art "Museum of Contemporary Art:
The Department of Labor and Employment,"
"Symbolism in the wiring diagrams. Pushkin. Lorca. Harms." video objects.

2013; Kolomna, Museum, residence "Artkommunalka.
Erofeev and other" installation "Pause"

2013; Moscow Exhibition Center "Worker and Collective Farm Girl",
5 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (special project),
"Weightlessness" video "Trialogue"

2013; Москва, LABORATORIA Art&Science space,
exhibition “ Frontier ”, installation " Faces of smell ",
"Beklenischevo" video - kinetic installation project.

2013; Gdansk (Poland), 5th edition of NARRACJE 2013,video ''Way"

2013; Perm, Museum "PERMM", exhibition " Art Against Geography "
kinetic installation " Sleep №3"

2013; Samara Museum "Samara Space"
Exhibition "Science Museum of XXI Century," installation "Trialogue"

2013; Moscow, ARTPLAY, exhibition " Sopromat "
installation ”Fields 2.1”;

2013; Anadyr, festival of contemporary culture,
Exhibition "Enchanted Wanderer".
kinetic video installation "Beklenischevo"

2013; Moscow, ММСИ, " Dreams are for those who are awake "
video installation " Osadok/Aftertaste"

2013; Yekaterinburg, "Trialogue" UF NCCA

2013; Rome , Tempio di Adriano,
premium TERNA 04, Connectivity .
"Way" video.

2012; Slovenj Gradec, Marybor (Slovenia), "The Soft Control"
Art, Science and the Technological Unconscious exhibition.
"Fields 2.1" interactive installation

2012; Ekaterinburg, The 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art,
video performance (.) or "Landscape watching itself"

2012; Kiel,(Germany) "Lost in transformation", Stadtgalerie Kiel.
interactive video installation " Osadok/Aftertaste"

2012; London, "The russian art show", Calvert22 gallery,
performance "Mandelbrott set Knitting"

2012; Linz, Ars Electronica 2012. installation " Osadok/Aftertaste". honorary mention

2012; Moscow, Artplay exhibition
Lexus hybrid art "Synergy", installation "Faces of smell"

2012; Moscow, Art&Science space gallery “Dust” exhibition

2012; Moscow, NCCA, "Innovation 2011", nominations

2011; Sankt-Peterburg, Cyberfest,
multimedia installation"Osadok/Aftertaste"

2011; Moscow, symposium Pro & Contra,
multimedia installation"Osadok/Aftertaste"

2011; Krasnoyarsk , 9 Krasnoyarskaya Biennale,
kinetic installation " Sleep №3"

2011; Nizhniy Novgorod, Arsenal,
exhibition " Illusion ";

2011; Moscow, Multimedia Art Museum,
installation ”Fields 2”;

2011; Moscow, NCCA, "Innovation 2010",

2011; Nizhniy Novgorod, Arsenal,
exhibition "Blizzard"

2010; Klaipeda (Lietuvos Respublika),
exhibition "Esthetics VS information"

2010; Moscow, "Russian Utopia",
“Garage” gallery

2009; NCCA, Moscow, 3 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art,
exhibition”Art on Site” object ”Mirror”;

2009; Krasnoyarsk, 8 Krasnoyarskaya Biennale ,
object ”Mirror”,”Antivirtual helmets” installation;

2008; Tokyo . Musashino Art University Museum & Library,
exhibition "The young aggressive",
Pornopedal dreams-2, Anti-chanson, (.)

2007; Fellbach (Germany), 10th Contemporary Sculpture Triennale,
object "Mobile mini-customs".

2007; Aizpute (Latvia),
The Second Summer Art Camp "Myths and Technologies",
"Knitting with needles and crocheting, Mandelbrot sets and sets generated by
other mathematical functions" workshop, "Obvious and Unbelievable" video.

2007; Moscow
Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art,
exhibition "Witnesses of the impossible"
"The Way" video.

2005; Moscow
11th Art-Forum of Artistic initiatives "Choice",
"Michurin" kinetic object;

2006; Moscow
"Spidermouse" gallery,
video performance (.) or "Landscape watching itself"

2006; Perm
"Cultural Capital 2006"
" Earth Will Give Birth " sculpture, Midovskiy park, Monument to
Maxim Veryovkin (within the "Talking monuments” project)

2006; Perm,
personal exhibition,
Central Exhibition Hall (within the "Video Point" project)

2006; Aizpute (Latvia),
The First Post-Soviet Media Art Camp.
Paper under the title "Symbolism of electrical circuitry", "Anti-chanson",
presentation and workshop.

2006; Moscow, Mars Gallery,
exhibition "Mars Field ",
"Beklenischevo" video - kinetic installation project.

2005; Ljubljana (Slovenia),
8th International Festival of Independent Artists "Break 2.3",
"Digitizing Water" kinetic installation;

2005; Ulyanovsk"Cultural Capital 2005",
exhibition "Volgotronika",
"Antivirtual helmet" installation;

2005; Moscow
10th Art-Forum of Artistic initiatives "МЫ/WE",
"Mobile mini-customs " object;

2005; Moscow
State Tretyakov Gallery,
kinetic installation "Itch"

2005; Moscow
1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art,
exhibition "Human project",
"Antivirtual helmet" installation;

2004; Ekaterinburg
"Long Ekaterinburg Stories 2",
"River" project - ("Digitizing Water" kinetic installation)

2004; Izhevsk
"Cultural Capital 2004",
kinetic object "Wings";

2004; Moscow
9th Art-Forum of Artistic initiatives "PARADISE",
"Digitizing Water" kinetic installation;

2004; Novosibirsk,
"Toys" exhibition,
"Antivirtual helmet";

2004; Baden-Baden (Germany),
Kunstchale Baden-Baden,
"On the resort" exhibition,
"The way" video.

2004; Ekaterinburg
"Long Ekaterinburg Stories 2",
"Oilindustryworker" project;

2003; Kansk (Russia)
Kann Video Festival,
"The Way", "Parasites", "You don't owe anybody",
"Go somewhere" videos;

2003; Novosibirsk
video festival ESF;

2003; Moscow
Festival "Stop! Who's coming?,
"Pornopedal dreams-2" installation;

2003; Moscow
8th Art-Forum of Artistic initiatives,
"The Way" video;

2003; Ekaterinburg
Festival "а_real 001". "Art in Public Space ",
"Eyes of the ghosts of the Marshes";

2002; Moscow Festival "Stop! Who's coming?",
"Pornopedal dreams-1" installation;

2002; Perm
Festival "New Iron Dimension ",
sculptural object "Gagarin";

Personal exhibitions:
2014; Perm Museum PERMM exhibition "Registry"
2014; Yekaterinburg, "1,4...19" UF NCCA
2013; Yekaterinburg, "Trialogue" UF NCCA
2010; Riga (Latvia), the gallery "Kim?" Exhibition "Dream-hour"
2009; Moscow, Laboratoria Art & Science Space, the exhibition "Jelly and Lightning"
2007; Chelyabinsk, personal exhibition, “The window” gallery
2006; Perm, personal exhibition, Central Exhibition Hall (within the “Video Point” project)
2005; Moscow, State Tretyakov Gallery, kinetic installation "Itch"
2003; Ekaterinburg, Perm, Izhevsk mobile performance "“Funeral of the Evil”;
2001; Ekaterinburg, "Fish Exhibition 2";
2001; Ekaterinburg, "Fish Exhibition",
2000; Ekaterinburg, "Labirinth” exhibition

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The Volga region branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts and LABORATORIA Art & Science Space present art & science exhibition Quantum Entanglement 2.0 which is a continuation of the project co-commissioned in 2014 by LABORATORIA (Moscow) and Festival of Digital Culture FutureEverything (Manchester). The version 2.0 will present expanded exposition with new participants and enhanced education program. Curator: Daria Parkhomenko Artists: ::vtol:: (Russia), Memo Akten (UK/Turkey), Electroboutique (Russia), Dmitry Kawarga (Russia), Taisia Korotkova (Russia), Pe Lang (Switzerland), Ale de La Puente (Mexico), Semiconductor (UK), Where Dogs Run (Russia) -

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