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The Archive of Digital Art

As a pioneer in the field of Media Arts research, the ARCHIVE OF DIGITAL ART (ADA) documents the rapidly evolving field of digital installation art for more than a decade now. This complex, research-oriented overview of works at the intersection of art, science, and technology has been developed in cooperation with international media artists, researchers and institutions, as a collective project.

Since todays digital artworks are processual, ephemeral, interactive, multimedia-based, and fundamentally context dependent, because of their different structure, they require a modified, we called it an ‚expanded concept of documentation‘. ADA represents the scientific selection of 500 international artists of approx. 5.000 evaluated artists. We ascribe high importance to artistic inventions like innovative interfaces, displays or software.

Meta-Thesaurus for Media Art Research (AT.MAR)

The recent project “Interactive Archive and Meta-Thesaurus for Media Art Research (AT.MAR)” funded by the Austrian Science Fund, aims to transfer an archive into a Web 2.0 environment for the first time. The new web-based, cost- free instrument will allow individuals to post material themselves.

With video documentations, technical data, artist statements, academic texts, artistic inventions, discus- sions as well as bibliographical information, exhibitions and events, the ARCHIVE OF DIGITAL ART is the most comprehensive resource in the field. It will contribute to the development of Media Art Research and the systematic preservation of the art of our time.

Editorial Team

Wendy Jo Coones, M.Ed

Mag.a Janina Hoth

Viola Rühse, M.A.

Devon Schiller, M.A.





Head & Scientific Conception

Prof. Dr. Oliver Grau